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Flat Roof Coating & Repair

If you want to keep up with your roof coating system, then elastomeric coating is the way to go. By adding multi-layers of roof coating you can prevent many problems and add efficiency to your home.


Our coating products can offer you years of warranty. We also offer preventative maintenance plans to help your roof last longer. 


Living in Arizona in the midst of desert heat, checking to see if you need roof coating is a must. With our services, we double-check for bubbles, blisters, cracks, delaminating, drainage issues and soft spots in your decking. You can count on us to get your flat roof in top shape.


Flat Roof Restoration

If replacing your roof is not what you have in mind, then you may consider restoration instead. We can help you determine whether your flat roof meets the criteria for restoration.


Our fabric system is the perfect solution for restoring because it allows expansion and contraction, allowing the fabric not to crack or separate from the existing roof. The fabric we use is made from polyester material and we embed it with primers, base coats and elastomeric roof coatings. 

Flat Roof Drainage

Proper water flow is a key part to roof drainage. On flat roofs, there are times when certain sections of the roof are built too high or certain structures don't allow for water flow. This creates water backup, pooling, rot and damage on your roof.


Scuppers are another major problem for not allowing water to flow. A lot of the time scuppers are built up too high. This can be from the original roof design, previous patches, or the scupper flashing being installed incorrectly. 

We can assess your roof to determine what needs to be done to allow proper water flow and drainage.

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